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Source of Inspiration

The School of the Nations is an educational institution which is inspired by the teachings of the Baha’i Faith.  We are open to students of all backgrounds and our aim is to empower students to develop their unique talents and capacities and become builders of communities based on justice and unity.  The School of the Nations is not administered by Baha’i institutions and is not for the purpose of developing believers of the Baha’i Faith.

All institutions, including educational ones, are based on certain philosophies and convictions, whether they are made explicit or not. The School of the Nations, like other Baha’i-inspired schools around the world, attempts to develop itself using ideas and inspiration from the Baha’i Faith, some elements of which are summarized as follows:

    Each student who comes through the education system of the school is regarded “as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”
    Every person has a higher (spiritual) and lower (animal) nature.  Educational processes can help the student so that his or her noble nature dominates.
    Contrary to views of human nature and society that are based on materialism, self-interest, competition or manipulation, the school chooses to uphold the nobility of each human being and the oneness of humankind.  We believe that all human beings are endowed with, and intrinsically motivated to fulfill, a dual moral purpose—to develop their own vast potential and contribute to the development of society.  This sense of purpose is shaped by students’ attraction to beauty and desire to search for knowledge and truth.  
    The school views everyone—students, parents, community members, teachers, administrative staff—with respect and without prejudice. Race, religion, nationality and gender are not a basis for exclusion in student admissions and staff recruitment.
    Our educational system gives equal emphasis to spiritual and intellectual progress.
    We make a deliberate effort to cultivate in the young ones the desire and habits to help others, as a preparation for them to serve the interests of their society instead of their own interests alone.
    The School sees itself as one participant, alongside many others, in a process of learning as humanity transitions itself to collective maturity and witnesses the emergence of a new civilization based on the oneness of humankind. In this process, which is essentially one of capacity-building, many concepts and practices such as “education”, “school”, “purpose of education”, and so on, have to be re-examined.  Towards this end, the School is learning how to draw on insights from the Baha’i Faith and tap into the accumulating knowledge of the human race as it progresses.


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