Integrated teaching practices that nurture the highest standards of intellect, character and physical development


Integrating Intellectual and Spiritual Education

The educational work of the School of the Nations seeks to integrate material and spiritual dimensions. One way to think of this is that the material dimension is like a lamp glass, and the spiritual dimension is the light that illumines the lamp. The graceful combination of these elements enables the world to benefit from the lamp’s light.   

The school, therefore, has highly trained teachers in all subjects recruited from all over the world; it maintains a safe, disciplined and friendly environment for learning; it promotes high academic standards, including offering top-level international examinations; and it prepares young people for attendance at top universities all over the world.

At a deeper level, the school strives to nurture in it students the capacities of the human mind—its powers to discover the world of nature, to produce beautiful works of art, to express beautiful and noble thoughts, while also developing the spiritual qualities latent within each student—such as love and kindness, justice, truthfulness, trustworthiness, constancy, integrity and sincerity.  When spiritual and intellectual development are combined, the result is light upon light.

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