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Announcement of School of the Nations Scholarship Program 2020 -2021

Since early 2020, the world has been faced with a rapidly evolving health crisis, affecting many people and aspects of society. During this difficult period, the government, schools, families and other members of society have worked together to ensure the wellbeing of children and youth in Macau, and to support their continued learning. The pandemic has also had significant economic consequences which have no doubt affected families of students of the School of the Nations. In light of these conditions, we are pleased to announce a scholarship program for the 2020-2021 academic year whose purpose is to provide support to families who are experiencing financial hardship.


For further information, please follow the link:

1. 2020-2021 Scholarship Overview and Application Process (English/Chinese)

2. Scholarship Application Form

3. Financial Status Declaration Form

聯 國 學 校 2 02 0 - 20 2 1 學 年 獎 學 金 項 目 通 告


自 2020 年初以來,世界面臨著一場迅速演變的健康危機,影響了社會的各方面。在這段困難時期,澳門政府、學校、家庭和社會各界人士齊心協力,保障澳門兒童和青年的福祉,支持他們繼續學習。疫情還產生了嚴重的經濟問題,這無疑將影響到我們學生的家庭。有鑒於此,我們很高興在此宣佈一項 2020-2021 學年的獎學金項目,其目的是為正在經歷經濟困難的家庭提供支援。


如欲查詢更多資料,請點擊以下鏈接 :

1. 2020-2021 年度獎學金項目概述和申請流程 (中文)

2. 獎學金申請表格

3. 經濟狀況聲明